What Now for Bond Investors? Pros Weigh In at Morningstar

The other day I relayed Jeff Gundlach’s answer to the rhetorical question on everyone’s lips these days, why own any bonds at all?

You can read my detailed notes on how he answered this question here:

Notes from the DoubleLine Lunch with Jeffrey Gundlach, Spring 2013

In addition, Jason Stipp has a phenomenal round-up of expert opinions posted at Morningstar right now – some of the smartest guys and gals in fixzed income tell you what to expect and how to allocate for what’s to come…

So where does that leave bond investors today? After a mediocre first-quarter performance for fixed income, the question is certainly still a timely one. During Morningstar.com’s Future of Fixed-Income Week, April 15-19, we examined the possible scenarios for bonds (core, muni, and the more aggressive sectors) and how bond investors can set realistic expectations. We checked in with some top-rated bond managers–Dan Fuss of Loomis Sayles, Met West’s Tad Rivelle, Steve Walsh of Western Asset, and Fidelity’s Ford O’Neil among others–as well as Morningstar’s own experts to get perspective on the lay of the land. And our director of personal finance Christine Benz helped investors translate the insights into a practical portfolio plan.

Click over for the whole piece, there’s a ton of information here.