Hot Links: Investing for Status

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Might not be too early to begin your Sell in May tactics.  (MarketWatch)

Your market risk here could be twice the reward if historical statistics hold up.  (FatPitch)

Hussman: Zero chance of a US recession? I don’t think so.  (HussmanFunds)

Cam Hui: “Defensive” stocks seem to be leading since last June in part because they’re more mainly comprised of “Value” and dividend stocks.  (HumbleStudent)

Google drops down into key support levels – this is where it “should” be able to bounce.  (SeeItMarket)

Mike Harris: “arguments for passive funds that concentrate on the fee structure of actively management funds are designed to distract investors from focusing on the important issues.”  (PriceActionLab)

Chess: Will the link between euro/yen strength and higher US stocks survive the spring? (iBankCoin)

American food companies working overtime to come up with new and exciting ways to make you as fucking fat as possible. Are you not entertained? (Fortune)

Can Marissa get the rank and file at Yahoo to start acting more startup-y? My suggestion: Get them pogo sticks and a case of PBR on Fridays. (NYT)

Look closely – you might be investing for social status rather than successful outcomes, the fault of your brain’s primary shot caller.  (Interloping)

George Soros on China’s stock market, real estate and whether or not the economic “hard landing” has already happened.  (SouthChinaMorningPost)

Maybe the best unintended consequence of European economic strife is all the topless protest going on.  (BusinessInsider)

Songs on a fat guy’s iPod jogging playlist.  (Deadspin)

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