Saturday Night Video: Sacrilege

Yeah Yeah Yeahs were one of those bands that came along in the aught’s decade once the the haute dirtbaggery of the Strokes had run its course but before the ascension of the Black Keys. And if you were cool, you immediately got what they were shooting for – sort of a bowling alley version of Pat Benatar but with a much cooler band and alt-ier influences. I don’t know I just said.

Anyway, the trio is back with a new record this month, Karen O has apparently lost the trademark black bangs and has gone blond, and the first single, Sacrilege, fits perfectly into an oeuvre containing such neo-punk gems as Gold Lion, Maps, Phenomenon and Zero.

This week Yeah Yeah Yeahs performed the track on Letterman with a little help from the Broadway Inspirational Voices choir.

This is pretty cool:

Want more? The band streamed their entire upcoming album, Mosquito, on the web, check it out at Consequence of Sound