Hot Links: Looking for a Fight

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Cyprus and Europe cut a deal last night – a good bank, bad bank solution that spares small depositors. Details:  (Bloomberg)

Markets are rallying on the heels of this “solution”  (BusinessInsider)

Sometimes I think Krugman must be looking for a fight – “But the truth, hard as it may be for ideologues to accept, is that unrestricted movement of capital is looking more and more like a failed experiment.”  (NYT)

Cullen on the future of real estate prices.  (PragCap)

Jerry uses charts to tackle that Fed vs Fundamentals non-debate everyone’s caught up in.  (TheArmoTrader)

Marin Software’s IPO tells us that “The Future of the Internet Is Still Ads — And You’re the Inventory”  (Wired)

The iTunes Store turns ten years old – and is becoming wildly profitable as it grows like crazy.  (Asymco)

The most crucial 2013 tax season facts and info you’ll need to know.  (TIME)

The Ten Commandments of Euro Zone Membership.  (BrianMLucey)

More people in this world have cellphones than have toilets.  (Slate)

How to find the time to think deeply (I need this advice more than anyone).  (LinkedIn)

Here’s the thing that most people don’t get about “the crowd”  (SethsBlog)

Oh my god this is so sick – two girls from Sweden spend seven years creating an invisible bike helmet!  (BigThink)

Erin Heatherton for Victoria’s Secret, presented without comment.  (Egotastic)

REMINDER: Backstage Wall Street is now on Kindle!

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