Hot Links: First Signs of Fear

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

First signs of genuine fear appear in the corporate bond market as everyone may want out at the same time…  (BusinessInsider)

Speaking of, the “next” hot asset class, global corporate bonds, just got a new active ETF.  (ETFTrends)

The truth about housing’s impact on GDP, once and for all.  (ModeledBehavior)

Chronically incorrect permabears weigh in against the Great Rotation possibility, FT reporter takes their opinions at face value without recognizing the fact that a lot of this denial is about wishing something weren’t true because it invalidates previously held positions.  (FTAlphaville)

OK, so wait a minute – is Carl Icahn now attacking Ackman’s JC Penney turnaround project?  (ZeroHedge)

Hilarious Headline o’ the Day: Russia Hires Goldman as Corporate Broker to Boost Image  (Bloomberg)

Technician Michael Kahn looks at the six-day sell-off in junk bonds and what it means for stocks.  (Barron’s)

Decimalization has wiped out the entire Tier 2 and 3 underwriting and banking complex over the last decade. The SEC may be rethinking it…  (CNBC)

Brightscope announces that these are the 30 best corporate 401(k) plans in America. What are their employees getting that you aren’t?  (Brightscope)

The Chinese state-run lending ponzi rolls on…  (BusinessInsider)

The hedge fund spell is wearing off as institutional investors start to actually open up their statement envelopes… (IIAlpha)

Seth on the perils of improving something.  (SethsBlog)

If you’re going to be in NYC on February 20th, come check out me, Phil Pearlman, Heidi Moore and Leigh Drogen at our SMW panel on Digital Wall Street! (SocialMediaWeek)

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