“Risk Finds a Way”

Believe it or not, some of the very best investing blog posts come along on Saturdays and Sundays – during the two days you are less likely to read them, ironically. On the weekends, I have time to think straight and to catch up on lots of stuff to read I’ve been hoarding all week. I also get more than 15 minutes to crystallize my thoughts and produce a an actual piece of writing from them. And like any real blogger, I don’t save these things for Monday – I impulsively pull the trigger as though to get the weighty matter itself off my chest.

And I’m not alone. Many bloggers craft and publish in a similar pattern.

For example, you may have missed this gem in the weekend’s financial blog fresh catch but I thought it was really well done – Conor Sen, ex-hedge fund manager and contributor to The Atlantic, took to his Tumblr to lay out two ways – against the odds – that the cyclical bull market may actually be a secular bull in disguise…

To come up with how it could be possible that the market has room and time to run, he points to depressed price-to-book valuations for US stocks and the possibility of a major surge in corporate M&A, LBO activity.

It’s an interesting idea and I think you should read the whole thing, so rather than excerpt I’m sending you over:

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