Saturday Night Video: Foals

Sorry but this will now be stuck in your head upon one and half listens, and you will remember that I did this to you. Apologies.

For starters, the band is called Foals and they sound a bit like Foster the People on this single. They’re from Oxford, England and have been kicking around for a few years (more info here).

I would love to see these guys break out and in general pop music would be better if their were more artistry / instrumentation involved instead of just slutbags moaning in autotune over Max Martin synth-cheese beats purchased for top-dollar from his twink-lab in Sweden.

This is much cooler, let’s see more of this.

Foals’ new album ‘Holy Fire‘ comes out February 11th. The video below is for the track My Number, enjoy!

Check ’em out on Amazon:

Holy Fire (Foals)

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