Hot Links: Ticking Time Bomb

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

ICYMI: Ryan Detrick of Schaeffer’s Investment Research on why the S&P is going higher yet again this year.  (Schaeffers)

Goldman’s Jan Hatzius asks and answers the ten most pressing economic questions of 2013.  (CalculatedRisk)

Here’s the weak demand for iPhone 5 chatter that’s rattling the Apple bulls overnight…  (TheTell)

That Trillion Dollar Coin bullshit is officially over, the Fed killed it this weekend.  (Buzzfeed)

Bond fund managers are chasing yield. Again. It’s the next “ticking time bomb”.  (Fortune)

Citi: The odds of a technical default for Treasury just went up.  (BusinessInsider)

All of a sudden, China is back to being a positive for the global economy and not a negative.  (Bloomberg)

JC geeks out with the new anticipatory sector rotation tool on his Bloomberg terminal.  (AllStarCharts)

John Hussman: Have your fun now but you’re all still dead, and “given that the average cyclical bear market in a secular bear market takes the S&P 500 about 39% lower, I suspect that the resolution of the coming cycle may wipe out not just half (which is typical), but most of the bull market advance since 2009.” (HussmanFunds)

10 significant trends facing the finance industry this year.  (TBP)

grandpa, tell us about the old days, when there was “volatility”…  (iBankCoin)

11 Tactics to win a business negotiation.  (JoeTaxpayer)

“The social hierarchy of the Internet is scored not by money but by attention and influence. Twitter followers are not just arbitrary votes of support in this reading – they are currency.”  (Interloper)

Kate Hudson was a total smokeshow at the Golden Globes last night.  (Popsugar)

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