Schaeffer’s 2013 Outlook: A Fifth Year for the Bulls

My friend Ryan Detrick is a very talented market commentator – he nailed the bullish call in 2012 and my interactions with him all year were very helpful in terms of formulating my own thoughts and opinions.

Ryan is out with 2013 market outlook, a year in which he’s looking for a 14% return for the S&P with a price target of 1650. The Schaeffer’s process – what they call “Expectational Analysis” – combines fundamentals, technicals and sentiment, something very similar to what we do at our shop.

Ryan’s work will show that sentiment is still very far from euphoria and that the dividend yield vs the 10-year treasury is an important data point.  Without any further preamble, I’ll send you over to the piece in which he makes the case for a higher market in 2013 – a fifth year for the bulls.


2013 Outlook: Why The SPX Will Be Up For A 5th Year In A Row (Schaeffer’s)

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