Murder Holes, Revisited

I have to tell you, it’s very cool how my book, Backstage Wall Street, has started to gain traction among my fellow financial advisors this winter. I’ve heard from hundreds of them and it’s amazing how much we all agree upon, how many of them have had similar experiences to mine.

One of the areas where we all seem to be on the same page is the Murder Holes chapter – the part of the book where I list all the toxic shit our industry has created and sold over the years. Guys in my business seem to be obsessed with this chapter – they tell me it’s because no one has ever come out and said these things before in so candid a manner. I guess I didn’t realize it when I wrote it, but looking back on it I can see how brutal it is…

I want to send you over to James Osborne’s blog, Bason Asset Management, for his take on the Murderhole product list. He delves a bit more deeply into Private REITs and Oil & Gas partnerships, which I didn’t even get into in my book…

Murder Holes: Built to Fail (BAM)

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