Adventures in Sunday Reading


I have nothing left to say of any consequence for the remainder of the year, but I do read a lot and I curate like a motherf***er. So here are some great links you should check out today:

Last minute scramble for a Cliff deal, the latest here:  (LATimes)

The 45 Most Powerful Photos Of 2012 (Buzzfeed)

Fightin’ Joe Donahue lists 15 tweeters you should be following in 2013.  (UpsideTrader)

Asia strategist Stephen Roach: Sorry, Japan’s screwed no matter how much they print.  (ZeroHedge)

The King of Scumbag Reverse Mergers revealed (or what is this white guy doing in all those Chinese IPO bell-ringing ceremonies?)  (GlobeandMail)

Jeff Miller: OK, let’s say we’re off the Cliff next week….then what?  (DashOfInsight)

Why Workers Are Losing the War Against Machines (TheAtlantic)

They’re building a robot toddler, prepare to be floored.  (Gizmag)

There are layers and layers of irony in this story about hedge funds trying to rescue the Atlantic City casino they started…  (NewYorkPost)

Speaking of Atlantic City, this Mark Bowden-penned piece on the man who broke all their blackjack tables is one of my fave reads from 2012 – ICYMI.  (TheAtlantic)

These were the four biggest developments in web video this year (including the fact that viewers are ready for longer clips now).  (GigaOM)

New Years Resolution: Here are all the reasons you should start a blog (and all the reasons you shouldn’t).  (Mathbabe)

Paul Samuelson’s essay on Keynes and the General Theory’s impact, read with a brandy glass somewhere within reach, preferably with spectacles at the tip of your nose. But do read it.  (Falkenblog)

My friend Derek Hernquist is a real-live trader and asset manager, here are his daily reading habits and his investing process:  (DerekHernquist)

Best of The Fly – five killer posts from 2012.  (iBankCoin)

Cullen Roche on the difference between successful people and everyone else.  (PragCap)

How bad is the state of pop music? How about this – the top-grossing tour of 2012 was Madonna, who didn’t even have a hit song this year.  (RollingStone)

The Top 10 Colossal Tech Fails of 2012 (ValueWalk)

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