Hot Links: Twenty Angels

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Obama’s remarks last night were beautiful and appropriate, with a hint of something to come on policy.  (TheLede)

JPMorgan raises year-end S&P target to 1440, tosses us 18 names that should outpace the index.  (TheTell)

Mark Dow’s State of the Markets post is must-read, covers gold, silver, REITs, Apple and more.  (BehavioralMacro)

Boehner surprises us with a shift toward a “Millionaire’s Tax”. But will the House GOP allow it?  (Reuters)

Or we can just sell Alaska. Whatever.  (WaPo)

The new consensus is that no one is leaving the Euro Zone, some charts:  (SoberLook)

Citi’s trio of Apple analysts slash their target for the stock 20 days after initiating coverage.  (ZeroHedge)

But Apple has just sold 2 million iPhone 5’s in its first 3 days in China. So…  (Bloomberg)

Meanwhile, recently hot stock Research In Motion reports Thursday. You got the stones for this one? Oppy has a preview:  (ValueWalk)

Last minute gift guide for gentlemen.  (GQ)

30 reasons to love Katy Perry.  (Buzzfeed)

Ridiculous is the new Remarkable.  (SethsBlog)

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