Hot Links: Shattering Records

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

OECD slashing growth outlook. Again.  (NYT)

Crunch time for the Dow as we dance atop a multi-year rising wedge atop the 70-year trend channel.  (KimbleTrading)

Market Folly has collected all of the long and short stock picks from London’s Ira Sohn Conference!  (MarketFolly)

Eric Cantor speaking reality now. A nice change of pace.  (BusinessInsider)

Banoodles! The Feds force Intrade to close all US customer’ accounts. (Intrade)

A melancholy ode to the short-term trader.  (ZenPenny)

Brian Lund’s advice for a failing trader is probably good advice for anyone who’s fallen down.  (bclund)

Chris Christie shatters a New Jersey state record. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s a different record.  (Politico)

Bond Girls then and now, this will bug you out!  (Vulture)

8 awesome movie sequels on track for 2015-2016.  (MentalFloss)

Don’t miss the Sarge’s Market Recon this morning.  (Mixtape)

Don’t miss The Takeaway, my daily linkfest for financial advisors (InvestmentNews)