Thanksgiving Sucks: The Linkfest

Some stuffing for your mind…

Joe interviewed Bill from Calculated Risk – econ blogger hero, optimist and all-around good guy.  (BusinessInsider)

Bloomberg demystifies the origins of Thanksgiving.  (Bloomberg)

One of the more embarrassing aspects of working at a large wirehouse or Wall Street investment bank is how everyone pretends that they’re not using the internet but secretly they’re all in the bathroom stall on their phones.  Grow the fuck up already.  (DealBook)

Speaking of embarrassing, presenting the Jack Welch Un-Retirement.  (BusinessWeek)

“All big losses begin as small losses” or Why Technicals Matter.  (AllStarCharts)

A reminder – Barron’s Bill Alpert warned us about the HP-Autonomy deal back in 2010.  (TechTraderDaily)

Katching up with Lenny Kravitz – plus, he confirms his role as Marvin Gaye(!) in the upcoming biopic.  (Vulture)

Scientists study the brains of freestyle rappers to learn more about how creativity works.  (Discover)

37 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Sucks. I don’t know who this dumb girl is who made this post but I love her for not caring at all.  (Buzzfeed)