Hot Links: Good News for People Who Like Bad News

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The positive turn in China is real and obvious – here’s how to play:  (HumbleStudent)

All ten S&P sectors now deeply oversold – all of them trading at least two standard deviations below 50-day moving average.  (Bespoke)

Good news for people who like bad news – hyper-correlation is making a comeback.  (MarketBeat)

All the latest Apple TV rumors.  (AllThingsD)

Cullen Roche on the Profits Cliff (which I call the Earnings Cliff, but whatever, same thing).  (PragCap) read also (TRB)

Investors are buying….European bank bonds? Huh?  (DealBook)

The Hostess Cliff: Labor and management relations remain frosted, liquidation is nigh.  (ZeroHedge)

No. the weekly jobless claims numbers are not manipulated. Here’s how we know:  (ArmoTrader)

In terms of voting demographics – should we be looking at Southern White as an ethnicity?  (CrookedTimber)

How Mumford & Sons became the biggest band in the world (and why English people are such dicks about it).  (Guardian)

Plot twist! Sainthood candidate Michael Lohan fathered a love child in 1995 who just came forward. You’re welcome, Lindsay!  (TMZ)