Hot Links: Looters

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

All the global PMIs came out last night showing economic growth around the world. Joe has your scorecard: (BusinessInsider)

In which the New York Fed references Dealbreaker – How Hard Did Morgan Stanley Try to Lose Money on Facebook?  (Dealbreaker)

Tom Brakke on the professional analyst’s dual mandate.  (ResearchPuzzle)

Sandy looters probably not enjoying themselves in prison.  (NYP)

Charles Biderman: Investors are selling stock funds mainly because they need the money.  (TrimTabs)

Why hundreds of thousands of Chinese professionals are fleeing to other OECD nations.  (NYT)

This is pretty badass – the 15 rules of web disruption.  (TBP)

What ever happened to the little breakdancing girl from the Missy Elliott videos?  (TMZ)