Pitchfork’s Number One Troll

I did a post about how ludicrous Pitchfork’s reviews have become and the response from fellow indie music aficionados was way bigger than I had thought it would be. I would say the emails were 4 to 1 in agreement with me.

But one guy, a reader of mine who works in finance, took it a step further – he launched a Twitter account wherein each tweet would be a snatch of text from one of their actual reviews.

Sample tweet:


Yes, those are actual lines from their album and single reviews. I know, awesome.

Anyway, the Pitchfork Me guy was interviewed (anonymously) by Chicagoist the other day…

I then dropped out of indie rock stuff for a few years, but have been recently getting back into it. Because I work in finance, I follow the Twitter feed of Josh Brown (@TheReformedBroker) who wrote a blog post about Pitchfork (available here)

In my email to him about the post, I actually discussed Pitchfork ratings and proposed the @PitchforkMe Twitter account idea, and he was supportive. I realized Pitchfork has been writing this way for so long, so there would be endless material. I started the account that day. I created it solely for entertainment purposes, because it really makes me laugh, even re-reading some of the quotes just now.

The response has been amazing and really surprising. I figured I couldn’t be the only one who has read more than one Pitchfork review and is capable of observing a pattern. However, I didn’t expect so many people to enjoy it as well.

Very cool, I hope he gets a 100k followers, its such a genius idea and his source material is practically infinite.


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