Hot Links: Always Buy Crashes

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Tim Knight uses Chipotle and others to demonstrate how momentum dies. This is elemental stuff for all traders and investors:  (SlopeOfHope)

Today is the 25th anniversary of the beginning of 1987 crash. Jeff Miller was working on the options floor, here he explains to us why comparisons to now are false.  (DashOfInsight)

Speaking of ’87, Fightin’ Joe Donahue is reminded of the cardinal rule of trading: Always Buy Crashes.  (UpsideTrader)

OK, last 1987 link, I swear – Ritholtz collects the best charts and original articles and TV coverage from that day.  (TBP)

Vanguard’s Jack Bogle: Get out of the Casino.  (MarketWatch)

Turns out Greg Smith had been turned down for a ludicrous raise demand before writing his fruity little Why I Left Goldman book.  (BusinessWeek)

…and also, his book’s account of seeing Lloyd Blankfein naked might be a bit desperate. And weird.  (WSJ)

Is there a bubble building in dividend stocks?  (AllianceBernstein)

Google may have had its worst day ever yesterday, what the hell happened?  (TIME)

Gil Weinreich on why good writing is essential for those in the investment business. (SusanWeiner)

How your last name will doom your descendants forever. Fascinating. (WaPo)

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