Hot Links: Sign o’ the Times

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Sign o’ the Times: Qualcomm CEO snags the CES keynote slot that Microsoft has owned since forever. (AllThingsD)

Spain’s banks are in worse shape than what the stress tests called a “worst case scenario.” LOL.  (Bloomberg)

James Fallows infiltrates Foxxconn, his hand accidentally drops onto a conveyor belt and is smashed into the shape of an iPad Mini.  (TheAtlantic)

Greg Coffey leaves the hedge fund biz. Because he can and it sucks.  (DealBook)

Meb Faber on the money manager’s genius-idiot complex when being judged on performance.  (WorldBeta)

The truth about why corporate executives are so ludicrously overpaid.  (TBP)

Financial advisors are having trouble finding new clients. So fuck it, they just raise fees. WINNERZ! (InvestmentNews)

Jeff Miller: The four types of clowns investors are typically assaulted with by business television.  (DashOfInsight)

Janet Tavakoli just annihilates Facebook stock.  (BusinessInsider)

Fashion takes a very wrong turn…I thought this was a joke at first but it’s real. (WaPo)

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