Hot Links: What’s Not to Like?

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

SocGen strategist Albert Edwards is out with his latest reasonable missive: “The Fed will destroy the world.”  (ZeroHedge)

The EuroZone: Confidence is down, inflation expectations are up…what’s not to like?  (Reuters)

We knew it would happen eventually, Spain has become the new Greece.  (Telegraph)

Did Louie kill the sitcom?  (Salon)

Eddie: Turns out those monster up-days have meant more throughout history than you would thought.  (CrossingWallStreet)

John Paczkowski with a RIMM earnings preview (yes, “that thing” it still trades).  (AllThingsD)

At long last, our national nightmare is at an end – the referees are returning to the field!  (NFL)

Mindy Kaling on chronicling the American Workplace.  (HBR)

Did you see the beauty queen girl on the new Survivor this year? My god…  (TheHollywoodGossip)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors this morning! (WSJFA)

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