Saturday Night Video: Settle Down, Girl on Fire

Not one but two videos on SNV tonight!

This week the NFL did its kick off from Rockefeller Center and I got to watch them set up the stages and stands ans stuff in preparation.  My pal Tom Dumont’s band No Doubt did their new single for the program and it was awesome:

Also this week, the VMAs on MTV.  It was a thoroughly lame event, like it usually is when occurring in LA rather than in NYC.  Also, there was a single, solitary rock performance (Green Day) and the hip hop performance was completely unintelligible and wack (Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz – neither of which are real MCs, try and find a single New York rapper who respects this shit as part of the art form).  MTV should probably just kill itself already,

But there was one highlight – Alicia Keys debuted her new single Girl On Fire, check out the two special guest stars: