Hot Links: Here We Go!

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Today’s must-read: Why China’s so important to the rest of the global economy.  (TheEconomist)

Amazing chart – 140 years of equity dividend yield vs the 10-year US bond market.  Crossover happening?  (TBP)

Mike McDermott: Bulls looking for a cakewalk this fall will be very disappointed.  (MercenaryTrader)

Andrew Three Names says blame Facebook CFO David Ebersman for $50 billion in lost market value over 90 days.  (DealBook)

Obama: Not such a chill guy after all, it turns out.  (NYT)

Felix: “Why you won’t find hyperinflation in democracies”  (Reuters)

YTD performance by investing style.  (Alhambra)

Will this be a pivotal week for the stock market? Let’s look at the charts:  (HCPG)

“Four Fed presidents have come out in favor of an open-ended strategy for bond buying, with three calling for the program to begin now.” – Here we go.  (Bloomberg)

The worst year for Hollywood at the box office since 1997. Duh, why would anyone want to go to a movie theater and miss what’s going on in their online social lives?  (TIME)

Mohamed El-Erian’s “Dear Congress” back to school letter.  (ProjectSyndicate)

Soliciting business at your kid’s school. And other horror stories.  (TheBasisPoint)

Why reporters loathe the 2012 Presidential campaign so much.  (Politico)

“Forget Bernanke: A Paper At Jackson Hole May Have Changed The Future Of Economics”  (Business Insider)

Bruce Bartlett: Good luck finding an economist who likes the Republican gold standard idea.  (Economix)

Large US companies gearing up for the Grexit, JPM already has accounts in Drachmas.  (NYT)

Dividend stocks severely underperform in the month of August as heat-crazed investors flock to the growth mean reversion bounce in garbagey Chinese steel stocks and whatnot.  (Bespoke)

Traders are hooked on the cheap credit that comes from big bank affiliation.  (Bloomberg)

David Goldberg (Survey Monkey) has some advice for entrepreneurs: Start small.  (NYT)

Scientology is basically just a giant pimping organization to get Tom Cruise make-believe laid.  (Vanity Fair)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors this morning! (WSJFA)