June No F***ing Payrolls Report Disappoints

Another month another miss for the key unemployment report out of the BLS.  Non Farm Payrolls were an anemic 84K vs a consensus that hovered just over 100k.  Obama can blame the weather or the lack of a Triple Crown contender or any thing he wants, it won’t matter.  The three month average for this quarter just ended is 75k new jobs per month – a joke in the context of a 155 million person labor force.

Of note is the fact that the unemployment rate for college educated Americans is now 4.1% vs the total average of 8.2%.  if that isn’t testimony to the fact that this is a structural and not just a cyclical problem, I don’t know what is.  We have vast amounts of people who simply lack a skill set that renders them necessary for the technologically savvy, services-oriented economy we’re morphing into.  This is a fact, not an opinion.  The only question we can debate is whether or not this will cycle back around and we’ll see a new manufacturing renaissance.

I have no idea.

That’s it for me, some links below:

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