BTW, Ray Bradbury was a badass.

From The Economist:

Bradbury died on Tuesday in Los Angeles after a lengthy illness. He was 91. He is credited with bringing science fiction into the mainstream by ditching a lot of the jargon associated with the genre and concentrating more on great storytelling. He wrote hundreds of short stories, nearly 50 books, plays, screenplays, poems, essays and operas. He’s best known for novels such as the apocalyptic “Fahrenheit 451”, “The Illustrated Man”, and “The Martian Chronicles”, and the screenplay for John Huston’s film adaptation of “Moby Dick”. In his stories, which are ubiquitous in high-school and university curriculums, he predicted things like ear buds, ATMs and flatscreen TVs. He never won a Pulitzer, but was awarded a Pulitzer citation in 2007. Bradbury never went to college, and said he got all the education he needed from libraries.


A World of Possibility (The Economist)



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