Hot Links: Murdered-Out

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

“We believe Mr. Bernanke is more wrong now than he was  about the housing bubble, by the way, and using cyclical policies to address structural problems will end in tears.”  (TBP)

A devastating set of charts depicting who really makes money from hedge funds.  (Falkenblog)

Dividend paying stocks are not bonds, bro. They’re still stocks.  (WSJ)

You don’t want to see how the tech sector’s earnings would look minus the contribution from Apple.  (BusinessInsider)

“Let’s Help Greg Smith Name His Book” – a riotous comments section, my fave was Moneybald.  (Dealbreaker)

Jeep introduces the Altitude and a “murdered-out” version of the Grand Cherokee.  (USAToday)

How web activism defeated the Pink Slime meat additive in America this winter.  (GOOD)

Chinese gangster loses his cellphone, hilarity ensues.  (SFGate)

Cranky Felix: Why Twitter is about to start sucking.  (Reuters)

Have you seen this Flyknit shoe from Nike yet?  (BusinessWeek)

Dougie’s old friend Boca Biff is back on the scene.  (TheStreet)

Apple’s Tim Cook is in China now, no doubt recruiting toddlers with fingers small enough to assemble iPod Nanos.  (24/7WallStreet)

A great post for people with day jobs that want to be able to invest and trade.  (EconomicDisconnect)

Chessnwine explains why he watches the open rather than trade it.  (iBankCoin)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors this morning!  (WSJFA)



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