Ivanhoff and David Merkel Review Backstage Wall Street

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I woke up this morning and saw that two of the smartest bloggers on the financial web had reviewed my new bookDavid Merkel of the Aleph Blog and Ivan Hoff of StockTwits – I can’t even begin to tell you how much respect I have for both of these gentleman.  They are two of my daily must-reads, so having their approval of my work means a lot to me.

David does excellent book reviews at his site all the time and I thought his explanation of my book was pretty apt:

This book is really four mini-books in one:

1) How the author became a broker, and the ethical difficulties that were forced on him in the process.

2) The difficulties faced by do-it-yourself  investors, and the benefits of exchange-traded funds [ETFs].

3) On Brokerages, and all their conflicts of interest, culminating in the straight line pitch.

4) Investments to avoid, and advice from the wise.

That it is four in one is not a weakness but a strength.  Wall Street has many ways to skin investors, and each section provides insights that different people will benefit from.  It is a more comprehensive book in its short 240 pages as a result.

Ivan is a brilliant investor and statistician, I’m flattered that he found 9 key takeaways from Backstage Wall Street and his post really nails it…

They say that marines do more before 9am than most people do all day. Josh Brown is one of those persevering pros who do more than the marines. His first book, Backstage Wall Street, is a well thought out mix of hard-earned personal experience from both the buy and sell side of the business, in-depth research and witty commentary on the side effects of greed and fear on Wall Street. Backstage Wall Steet is Liar’s Poker meets Kung Fu Panda. Without any hesitation, I would label it as a highly useful read for anyone that manages or intends to manage money.

Please click over and read both, they are excellent summations of what the book is about.  Thank you, Ivan and David!

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