Hot Links: Betting Big

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Felix Salmon on Chinese employment and why jobs require cities.  (Reuters)

Wall Street execs bet big on Romney.  (Reuters)

Don’t miss year-end commentary from Steven Romick of FPA.  (AdvisorPersepctives)

MLPs Kinder Morgan and Enbridge battle it out in Canada for pipeline supremacy.  (Bloomberg)

“The graffiti artist who took Facebook stock instead of cash for painting the walls of the social network’s first headquarters made a smart bet.”  (NYT)

Love this – former slave basically tells his ex-master to go fuck himself in a letter.  (HuffPo)

Kevin Ferry: “The USA is charging its citizens and the kind savers of the globe for the privilege of lending it money.”  (ContrarianCorner)

What’s the deal with the JC Penneys overhaul, will it mean anything?  (EpochTimes)

Bond ETFs for every objective.  (ETFdb)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors, which is off the hook this morning:  (WSJFA)