Godspeed, Don Cornelius: A Video Tribute

By now you’ve probably heard the sad news that Don Cornelius, creator and host of the groundbreaking show Soul Train, is dead today at 75.

If you were an 80’s baby like me (born in ’77 but who’s counting?) then you remember Soul Train as that thing that came on at the end of the Saturday morning cartoons.  Then you knew it was time to get up and get dressed for the day.

Rather than get into a whole thing about how he died, I’d prefer to run a few clips.

Check this out:

Here’s Public Enemy performing Rebel Without a Pause in 1987:

Marvin Gaye, Let’s Get It On – live in 1974:

And how about David Bowie doing Fame!

Here’s what happened when the Fresh Prince of Bel Air family stopped by:

And finally, how about a young Michael Jackson talking about his pet birds with Don and then doing a fitting number to close out here with – One Day In Your Life

Godspeed Don, thanks for the memories.



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