Sunday Hot Links: Market Sunshine

Let me just pop a few in here for the rest of the weekend…

Apple, Google had a “handshake deal” not to poach talent from one another.  Not legal.  (Reuters)

Jason Zweig: Can you sum up your investing philosophy into ten words or less?  (TotalReturn)

Traders are basking in this market’s sunshine as both individual stock breakouts and retests continue to work.  (HCPG)

Some hilarious suggestions for the upcoming Facebook IPO’s ticker symbol.  (MarketSqueeze)

The FBI raided the NY offices and home of Benjamin Wey, one of the chief architects of the China SPAC fraud that cost US investors billions.  (DealBook)

Robert Sinn’s weekly letter: “Just as it has done at every critical juncture during the last few years the Federal Reserve delivered the goods that markets sought”  (StockSage)

Madonna gears up for her new album release and Super Bowl performance.  (WSJ)



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