The Three Stooges (Trailer)

I’m torn on this one, haven’t quite made up my mind.  In the plus column, the actors they found seem puyfect and they are clearly being true to the original material.  Also, it’s the Farrelly Brothers, comic geniuses who may have stepped too far over the line at times but have made some absolute gems (Kingpin, Irene, Dumb & Dumber etc).  And they restrained themselves from casting Jim Carrey, which earns them 500 points right off the bat.

In the minus column, it’s in color and not black & white.  Also, Snooki is in it, which immediately dates the film and may make repeat views difficult in 2014 when she is no longer famous and begins her second act of attending grand openings of abortion clinics/tanning salons.

Anyway, it’s just the trailer so you be the judge: