Hot Links: Welcome to Q4

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Barry: Welcome to Q4, the credit crisis hangover continues.  (TBP)

Cullen Roche: October can be a great time to buy stocks.  (PragCap)

Peter Brandt: But the Fat Lady has just made her first appearance, stocks are toast.  (Factor)

Denmark institutes the first ever Fat Tax.  (TIME)

TRB fave financial writer Michael Lewis profiled.  (NYMag)

What’s the biggest cloud company you’ve never heard of?  ADP!  (AllThingsD)

Bill Singer: Don’t get too excited about that massive rally in the Blockbuster Video penny stock BLOAQ…  (BrokeandBroker)

Are stocks cheap based on the PE 10?  Doug Short takes a long-term look.  (BusinessInsider)

Buffett sticking with Obama at the height of his unpopularity – this is some serious value investing.  (NYT)

Good news for smart people who like to laugh, Arrested Development is coming back for ten TV episodes and then the movie.  (Deadline)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors this morning!  (WSJFA)



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