Raise Your Hand if You Like the Plan

Obama delivered his “help me stay in office” employment speech last night after years of hoping the Fed’s pixie dust would work in conjunction with his targeted giveaways to the unions that elected him in the first place.  “Plan B”, as delivered before a joint session of Congress, was received by clueless Dems with forced applause and stonefaced, stubborn GOP representatives with the usual mixture of irascibility and pure hatred for anything that comes out of the man’s mouth.

The whole thing just makes me swell with pride as an American.  Anyway…

Let’s see what the financial web has to say…

Obama Channels Economic Frustration With $447 Billion Plan  (Bloomberg)

You call that a jobs program? (NYP)

Economists React: Gauging Impact of Obama Jobs Proposal (Real Time Economics)

“Obama’s stimulus plan is nothing but another spend now, make cuts later ‘sleight-of-hand’  proposal.”  (Mish)

There will be much discussion today and plenty of reactions, I’ll see if any are worth linking to later.  Have a good one.



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