BREAK-IN: The Goldbug Rapture Has Begun!

This is it!

THIS. IS. IT!  Hark – the Goldbug Rapture is upon us.

The moment all of you worshipful devotees of the “barbarous relic”  have been waiting for!

Witness the Rapture below!  Dollar smashed to pieces ($UUP), stocks bludgeoned ahead of the Great Debt Denouement ($SPY) and Gold ($GLD)!  Gold ascending toward the heavens as even the non-believers find religion and chase the bandwagon.  “We shall pay any price, just please don’t leave us behind!  We repent!”

Now bow down to the twin deities Schiff and Sprott and beg forgiveness for your unbeliever ways, pray for your salvation.  Hurry, there’s not a moment to lose!