QOTD – Evan Newmark on Eric Cantor

“The debt-ceiling negotiations are coming down to brinksmanship, a test of nerves to see how far each side is willing to go to get what it wants.

And from what I can see, the Republicans are schooling the Democrats in what brinksmanship is all about.  That’s not the conventional wisdom. Inside-the-beltway pundits will tell you that it’s exactly the other way around. The Republicans aren’t united, they say, they’re in disarray.


– Evan Newmark, Mean Street

Yesterday I made a comment about the debt ceiling negotiations to the effect that “when a crazy person stares down a weakling, guess who blinks first?”

It raised some eyebrows as I didn’t really elaborate, although keen followers of the great debate probably didn’t need an explanation.

Anyway, Evan Newmark’s post on the talks and their potential outcomes is one of the best I’ve read thus far.  Follow the link below for the whole thing.


Mean Street: Cantor and the Republicans Outbluff Obama (WSJ)

hat tip Heidi

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