Hot Links: Tone of the Tape

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

JPMorgan’s big upgrade of web stocks moves Amazon, Netflix and Google higher.  (Bloomberg)

Derek on how quickly the tone of this tape has changed.  (DerekHernquist)

Couples are much better at managing finances than singles.  (TIME)

A look at the earnings calendar and when the heaviest days of reports will be.  (Bespoke)

“The Fred Wilson School of Blogging” explained.  (AVC)

Credit Suisse’s 4 reasons German stocks will continue to outperform.  (PragCap)

Tom Brakke’s Puzzle Pix site celebrates one year of amazing charts.  (ResearchPuzzle)

Remembering Sherwood Schwartz, creator of the Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island.  (LAT)

Alexis Madrigal on Twitter in the Google+ era.  (TheAtlantic)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors!  (WSJFA)


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