Rejected Blurbs for the Book

Hey guys, thanks to all for bearing with me this week and I hope you’ve been enjoying the amazing guest posts as I have.  I want to thank everyone for the blurbs they’ve sent in for the back of the book.  Unfortunately, the publisher said it’s probably too early seeing as how no one has actually read the book yet.

Here are a few that McGraw-Hill said we probably won’t use…

Praise for Backstage Wall Street

“Josh Brown Hits a Home Run for Investors!  His Prose is Deep in the Money.”
– Lenny Dykstra

“One of the Chubbiest Financial Writers of Our Time.”
– Barry Ritholtz

“A Rare Look at the Esophageal Canal and Its Effect on Endocrinology , Bravo!”
– The New England Journal of Medicine

“What Time Is It?  And Where Did You Put My Medication?”
– Alan Greenspan

“Josh Still Owes Me Twenty Nine Dollars From That Thing…”
– Eddy Elfenbein

“No, We Won’t Carry It This Spring”

“Buy This Book or My Husband Will Light Himself On Fire”
– Josh’s Wife

“Riveting.  A Classic Suspenseful Thriller In The Tradition Of…how much are you paying me for this?”
– Steven King

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