I’m going into the weekend with a really good feeling. 

Oprah Winfrey once said that when you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing “it feels like breathing”.  I finally figured out what I’m supposed to be doing, it took 33 years, but I’ve got it now.  I’m supposed to be helping people invest and writing about how it feels to live and die in these markets.

When I’m communicating with clients and using the blog to express my views each day, it feels like breathing.

I’m insanely grateful to have found an audience for what I do.  If I did a “thank you” blog post to my readers every single day it still wouldn’t adequately express my gratitude to everyone who’s read, commented on or emailed me about my work here over the years.

And this week I managed to make a list that may be the highest possible honor I could ever receive in this game – the stamp of approval from my fellow finance bloggers…

From Abnormal Returns:

If you could only read one blog, not Abnormal Returns, what would it be?

Downtown Josh Brown’sThe Reformed Broker just squeezed past Barry Ritholtz’sThe Big Picture.  Nice support also for Calculated Risk, Aleph Blog, CXOAG and Pragmatic Capitalism.  In short, it looks a lot like our linkfests.

There’s something really special about being recognized for your work by your brothers in arms, by people whom I have so much respect for.

Every blogger on that page is special and I read just about all of them.  The fact that they read me still inspires, two year in and counting.

Thanks guys and have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Desert island blogger quiz – favorite blogs (Abnormal Returns)

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