Meet Raj's New Expert Network

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that billionaire hedgie Raj Rajaratnam has been convicted on all 14 counts of insider trading and is facing up to 25 years in prison.  I thought I’d give you a peak at Raj’s new expert network; the specialists he will be relying on for the edge he needs to make it through…

Fat Tony D’Amico

Area of Expertise:

Pasta procurement and dressing sharp,
even in the joint


Simon Adebisi

Area of Expertise:

Avoiding unwanted romantic
from Simon Adebisi

OJ Simpson

Area of Expertise:

Tying up loose ends,
see: Danielle Chiesi, relationship with


Bernard L Madoff

Area of Expertise:

Media Relations

Kosher/Vegetarian in-cell dining


Area of Expertise:

Knows how to get things,
Like rock hammers or Bloomberg terminals


Martha Stewart

Area of Expertise:

Being a symbolic conviction

Making white zinfandel with toilet water


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