Hot Links: Always Winning

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The hilarious story of how Google torpedoed its own misguided pursuit of Skype.  (Wired)

Mark Andreesen is always winning.  (Barrons)

John Dorfman: 7 stocks that could be takeover targets.  (Bloomberg)

Congrats to ChessNWine on his one year blogiversary.  (iBankCoin)

Tear gas fired at Greek austerity protesters.  Again.  (Reuters)

Barry on why MSFT-Skype is irrelevant.  (TBP)

You may have already seen that silver bounce play out.  (StockSage)

Bruce Berkowitz on why he got AIG wrong.  (MarketBeat)

The difference between economists and traders, so true.  (MarketAnthropology)

James Altucher’s most actionable post to date: Was Hitler Gay?  (AltucherConfidential)

Meet Joe, as in Trader Joe’s.  (LAT)

Natural gas-powered Honda Civics coming soon.  (Forbes)

Oh Kristin Bentz, each day you find new ways to become one of my favorite financial bloggers.  (TalentedBlonde)

Warren Buffett will appear in the season finale of The Office applying for Michael Scott’s job.  (Clusterstock)

The first tweet sent from the summit of Mount Everest.  (NYMag)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors today.  (WSJFA)


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