Hot Links: Sudden Death Syndrome

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Doug McIntyre: The cooling off of Apple stock.  (DailyFinance)

Jeff Saut: 5 Reasons to be Bullish About America in the Long Run.  (PragCap)

Two methods to uncover a liar.  (FarnamStreet)

Sudden Death Syndrome – Why are all the soybeans suddenly dying?  (BigPictureAgriculture)

How dare those nuns tell Goldman what it can pay Lloyd?  (MoneyIsTheWay)

Pay no attention to 80’s advertising gurus, they are as lost as you think they are in the new media jungle.  (GigaOM)

Five somewhat controversial investing rules from Timothy Siegel.  (Forbes)

Green Shoots: Bankruptcy filings fall 6% in Q1.  (CNNMoney)

Five reasons to fire a money manager.  (TBP)

I did Yahoo’s new show Breakout yesterday, video here:  (TRB)

My daily linkfest for financial advisors is jammin’ today.  (WSJFA)

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