Late Links: Hard Landing

Some late-day reads, kids.  I’m going home to shovel snow.

Actual Jamie Dimon quote re: Bank Regulation from Davos:  “To say we’re supposed to bend down and take it, that’s wrong.”  (DealBook)

I love these hundred-year-old stock market observations that David Blair dug up and h0w timeless they are.  (CrosshairsTrader)

Why Doug Kass and others avoid the crowded shorts like Netflix ($NFLX).  (PhilPearlman)

LinkedIn is making a smart move with their CardMunch acquisition.  (TechCrunch)

Maybe hedge funds are herding because their aren’t enough US stocks listed?  (AbnormalReturns)

Greg White on the potential for a liquidity crunch/hard landing in China.  (Clusterstock)

A look at various interest rates amidst this week’s econ data.  (TheBasisPoint)

I am linking to this Paul Vigna post because Steven Russolillo thinks it’s worthy.  And I agree :).  (MarketTalk)

Steven Place’s contra-contrarian checklist is excellent food for thought.  (InvestingWithOptions)

It’s the feel-good story of the day!  Soldiers are losing their homes to illegal foreclosures.  (TBP)

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