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Busy day today, I come to you now as the Dow breaks above 12,000 and cyclical stocks of all stripes advance on the session.

I thought it might be helpful to round up a mixed bag of completely unbiased and totally helpful investing insights from some of the most well-regarded newsletter writers in the nation….

First we checked in with Elliot Zealotson of the Poseidon Water Stock Letter

TRB:  So Elliot, what should investors be doing at this juncture, in your totally unbiased opinion?

Zealotson:  I think they should be buying water-related stocks hand over fist here.

TRB:  Get out of town.

Zealotson: No, I’m serious, water is the new oil, 8 million billion gallons a day are blah blah blah and two thirds of every blah are going to need more blah.

OK, enough with that.  Next, we had a chat with Charles DeWinter, executive editor of the Depression Report

TRB:  Hi Charles, so you’ve been forecasting the next Great Depression since 1941, you’re kind of a legend around here.  Give me three tech stocks you like at these levels.

DeWinter:  I hope you have your affairs in order young man.  Your stocks will become worthless when they cannot even be traded for moldy bread in the underground tunnels we will all be inhabiting soon.

TRB: Good picks, thanks Charles.

We turn now to Augustus Yellowgleam of the Super Gold Boom Quarterly Letter

TRB:  Hi Augustus, what’s your favorite investment here for people worried about deflation?

Yellowgleam: We would be buying gold here to protect against deflation.

TRB:  Ah.  And for those concerned with the dollar plummeting and a nasty bout of inflation, your recommendation?

Yellowgleam:  That’s easy, we would tell investors to up their allocations toward gold here.

TRB:  And if the troubles in Europe ameliorate and the US deficit is cut in half, where would you be positioned?

Yellowgleam:  We’d be positioned in gold in that scenario.

TRB: At 1300?

Yellowgleam: Yes.

TRB:  How about at 900 or 2900?

Yellowgleam: Yes, we’d be buyers.

TRB:  I see, and in a hypothetical environment of disinflation, or some sort of alternate reality that involved a perfect Utopian harmony between supply of money and cost of goods?

Yellowgleam:  Yeah, so in that scenario, we’d be recommending gold.

TRB: Gotcha.  And if gold broke into your house and killed your family?

Yellowgleam:  Gold is a hedge against both breaking and entering and it also works well in a homicidal environment, so yes, we’d be buying gold under those circumstances absolutely – silver too.

TRB:  OK, thanks Augustus.

Yellowgleam:  Gold.

TRB:  What?

Yellowgleam:  I meant Thanks.

Hopefully these investment ideas have been helpful to you guys.  I don’t know where I’d be without my newsletters.

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