Where the Pain Is

I’ve been talking a fair amount about regional bank stocks lately as several of them have started doing cartwheeels.  It comes as no surprise to see that the widely-followed KBW Regional Banking ETF ($KRE) has one of the biggest short positions on the entire NYSE.

Loan loss provisions probably peaked 18 months ago but the bears were counting on a commercial RE apocalypse I suppose.  Still waiting on that shoe to drop.  In the meantime, the Bank of Montreal steps up and buys out big-time Midwestern regional Marshall & Ilsley while free moneycandy remains abundant for the industry.

In addition to the KRE, there are several other areas where big shorts are being just absolutely demolished.  Let’s have a peek at the NYSE’s largest short positions by stock, courtesy of Zero Hedge:

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Most Shorted NYSE Stocks Update (Zero Hedge)

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