Minervini's Six Reasons Most Traders Fail

Somehow, in the run-up to the holidays I missed this incredible moment in time – two of the best and most generous traders, in terms of sharing their knowledge and experience, had a live discussion.  Charles Kirk interviewed Mark Minervini on The Kirk Report in mid-December.

Here was an interesting bit on why most traders are unsuccessful before I send you over to Mark’s blog for the entire discussion…


Charles Kirk: Why do you think most traders fail?

Mark Minervini: Here are 6 reasons:

1. Poor selection criteria; usually based on personal opinion, theory or tips and bad advice

2. They don’t stick to and commit to an approach; style drift

3. Don’t cut losses (#1 mistake made by virtually all investors)

4. Don’t know the truth about their trading – they fail to conduct in-depth post analysis

5. Treat trading as a hobby not a business

6. Want too much too fast; learning a skill takes time

Go get you some knowledge, the rest at the link below…


Mark Minervini Interview with Charles Kirk of The Kirk Report (Mark Minervini’s Blog)