Hot Links: Bondpocalypse!

Back in NYC this morning, good to be home.  Let’s do some links…

Shawn Tully on how to navigate the Bondpocalypse (yes that’s mine but you can totally use it).  (Fortune)

Second highest level of profitability ever for Wall Street.  “It’s a Christmas Miracle!” cheered the coughing street urchin.  (NYP)

Google’s aggressive acquisition strategy is looking all Manifest Destiny-ish.  (DealBook)

SocGen’s Dylan Grice on the 130 year bear market for commodity “investors”.  Important.  (PragCap)

Barry flagellates the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.  (TBP)

Happy 5th Blogiversary, Jeff Miller!  (DashOfInsight)

Leigh Drogen on Twitter’s $200 million raise.  (SurfviewCapital)

Mutual Fund Manager of the Decade Bruce Berkowitz makes his biggest bet ever.  (Fortune)

“A mummified head that’s been floating through private collections for a few hundred years has been identified as the head of King Henry IV of France.”  OK, then.  (TheHistoryBlog)

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