Hot Links: Christmas 1992

Stuff I’m reading this Morning…

OK, wait…so now banks don’t like low interest rates?  (WSJ)

Google: 300,000 Android smartphones activated a day.  Gangster.  (AllThingsD)

Apparently, the China-Africa connection has US officials alarmed.  (BeyondBRICs)

You’ll be blown away by the Google Maps view of Foreclosureland.  (TBP)

Downtown Josh Brown on giving stock to the kids.  (WSJFA)

Paul Kedrosky reads about an opinion poll concerning the Fed.  Hilarity ensues.  (InfectiousGreed)

Heidi’s piece on the business acumen of The Beatles is awesome.  (DealBook)

My friend Bill Singer on the latest insider trading charge, this time an M&A law firm.  (Forbes)

Christmas, 1992.  Laugh til it hurts:  (AcidCow)

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