Korean Barbecue

Stocks futures are broadly down and the sometime-safe haven US dollar is higher this morning on news that North Korea did some artillery shelling of a South Korean island last night.  And Europe is still a wreck – concerns abound that Ireland’s problems are but a precursor to debt raids in Portugal and Spain.

I have this theory about why Kim Jong-Il is such an asshole toward the West (and his neighbors and his own people).  I think his hostility stems from the fact that the North Korean pavilion at EPCOT is also the Men’s Room for the theme park.  Get over it already, Kim.  There was limited space and the Norwegians were way more intimidating than you guys at the planning stages.

Anywhere, here’s what’s happening on the Korean Peninsula and in the markets this morning…

Futures Under Pressure/ Traders Surprised Federal Agencies Still Enforcing Laws (TBP)

North and South Korea Exchange Fire, Killing Two (NYT)

Kim Jong-Il to World: “I’m Not Dead Yet” (Forbes)

Obligatory Clusterstock slideshow of Korean stuff on fire.  (Clusterstock)

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