Hot Links: Insider Dump

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Mish: Congrats to Cisco insiders who dumped 6.6 million shares in the last 6 months.  (Mish)

Speaking of Cisco, here’s the breakdown from last night’s market-moving call.  (HedgeAnalyst)

Jack Sparrow’s massive roundup of food inflation data points.  (Mercenary Trader)

Downtown Josh Brown on psychology, economic models and other things that are way over my head 🙂 (MindfulMoney)

Daniel Gross’s Fall of the House of Bud piece is terrific.  (TechTicker)

The battle for talent heats up in the wealth management game.  (WSJFA)

Vanguard has taken in 39 cents of every dollar for US Equity ETF inflows this year.  (MarketWatch)

No, Apple did not Suge Knight the tablet biz forever, there’s still room for a fight.  (Knowledge@Wharton)

Tadas on the Kauffman Report’s findings: ETFs have been a boon to investors on balance.  (AbnormalReturns)

Matt Taibbi is covering the the Fraudclosure story now.  Goodie gumdrops.  (TBP)

Pot meet Kettle: Greenspan accuses Fed/Treasury of weakening the dollar.  (Forbes)

A rough day for hedgie Phil Falcone yesterday.  (NYObserver) and (Dealbreaker)