Hot Links: The Takeover Game

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Gig night for tech – IBM and Apple report after the bell.  (WSJMarketBeat)

The stories behind this year’s best stocks – and what’s in store going forward.  (WSJ)

Foreclosures and the Law of the Jungle: Bank of America in the wild.  (TBP)

Yves Smith on the Squid’s new ad campaign.  (NakedCapitalism)

Why economics is still a pseudo-science and has no formulas that actually work.  (NYT)

So you bought a foreclosed hom, now what?  (USAToday)

Where to find candidates for the takeover game.  (Fortune)

Real Estate: A list of celebrity homes now for sale – all drastically discounted.  (HousingWatch)

Mark Twain was, in fact,. the world’s first blogger.  Awesome.  (CBSNews)

Jackass Fed 3D.  Oh yeah, they went there.  (ZeroHedge)

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