Saturday Night Video: Yes, there is a New Beastie Boys

Last week’s Saturday Night Video (Hip Hop is NOT Dead) took a look at some of the new and exciting developments in rap music.  Tonight we’ll talk about what I’m most excited about – there is finally a new potential Beastie Boys.  They’re called Das Racist.

The group is a multi-cultural outfit from Brooklyn and they broke through in 2008 with a novelty song called Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.  It was a viral hit on the web and even those that would dismiss it had to acknowledge that some of Hip Hop’s biggest hits since the beginning have been novelty-esque (Tone Loc‘s Funky Cold Medina, anyone?)

All the cool kids have already downloaded Das Racist’s new mixtape which is available free on the group’s site (link below).  Tonight, let’s check out one of my fave joints, Chicken and Meat.  Warning: You will either hate this or love this…

Get the mixtape here:

Sit Down, Man mixtape (Das Racist)

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